Saudi Arabia And It’s Religious Industrial Complex

It’s fair to say that Saudi Arabia is in fact responsible for the conditions that lead to the creation of ISIS and decades before that Al Qaeda. Both groups are currently in Syria fighting, trying to take over the Assad regime and to put in place their very own regime under a different leadership and religious ideology. But when it comes to finding a root cause that created ISIS and Al Qaeda is quite another thing altogether. Most western intelligence agencies have been wilfully ignoring Saudi Arabia as a potential root cause. Due to the fact that Saudi Arabia is an ally in the western world, especially with the United States of America. So the chances of any western intelligence agency getting to the bottom of this problem is slim to none.


Generation Self Entitled


As You Can See, Yale Undergraduates Want To Replace The Skull And Bones With The Milk And Cookies. Perhaps In The Future Students Will Be Issued A Yale Bulldogs Pacifier, Or A Set Of Yale Bulldogs Earplugs, At The End Of Matriculation. Progressives Start To Make Sense Once You Realise They Are Herd Animals. This Professor Had The Misfortune Of Being The Old Or Injured One Who Slipped Out Of The Pack And Fell Prey To The Jackals Sorry, I Mean, Stunning And Brave Social Justice Warriors.